Hello all! My name is Michelle, I am from Durban, South Africa. (Beautiful beaches, hot weather!) I arrived in the Netherlands in September 2013, with my little girl, Zoè. (Turning 4 soon… 30/3)

From before she was born I knew I would be raising her on my own.

I most of all, understand the trials and tribulations of a single mama. It has not always been easy here, but for the sake of my little girl, I carry on, each day is a new day.

I am very excited to have joined Single Supermom as a volunteer. I am very active amongst expat single mamas, all sharing the same struggles and achievements, with dreams and expectations.

I am very excited to have been part of the large international parents network, Amsterdam mamas, and along with Single Supermom, making their Easter hunt possible this Saturday.

Are you going too?

Sadly, if you have not registered yet, the registration/ticket sales have closed, but please keep an eye open for our update and photos of the day.

We are very excited to plan a next event with them. We will confirm a date!

Have a great Easter weekend